My mom, Aurora, is an excellent cook and always loves to try new dishes. Her adventurousness in the kitchen was probably daunting for my meat-and-potatoes dad at first – but he got over that pretty quickly.

Coming from an Italian/Québécoise background, my mother can certainly slay when it comes to lasagna, pasta sauce and homemade fettuccini– did I mention that her braciola is known to make grown men weep? She also rocks a mean curried chicken, chickpea and spinach dal, Moroccan chicken tagine, tabbouleh, quiches, homemade burritos, Asian salad with fried wontons … She of course does still make the occasional comfort food for us too: ‘paté chinois’ (Shepherd’s pie), mac and cheese or succulent roast with mashed potatoes… mmm.

The myriad of cuisines exposed our family to all kinds of flavors and dishes – from vegetarian to meaty or from healthy to full of butter and sugar. I humbly like to think that my own style of cooking somewhat echoes hers, but I still have a ways to go to emulate my dear mom’s.

In any case, if you ever find yourself browsing through my recipes and thinking there is a lot of variety (or why can’t this B can’t pick a type of dietary regime and stick with it) – Aurora is the one to thank for that!

Here’s to you, little mom – cheers 😊


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