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Former Varsity Hockey Player – Carbohydrate Enthusiast

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Hi everyone –

Full disclosure, I was initially going to write this blog about my ratings of French Fries from restaurants around Montreal since I’m picky af about those suckers.

But the more I thought of it, the more I realized that’s not something I am actually passionate about. I grew up alternating competitive sports seasonally – hockey in the winter and soccer in the summer. I also swam and played tennis in between.

During my undergrad in Exercise Science, I proudly donned the Maroon and Gold of Concordia University. I was on the ice 6-7 days per week and sweating in the gym for many more hours on top of that. Getting that off-ice edge meant the difference between being a grocery stick (you know, that player that sits between the forwards and the defense on the bench…permanently) and being the number one starting D. As a Stinger, I got to rub shoulders – sometimes more like a bump shoulders in front of the net – against some of the best female hockey players in Canada at the time. I trained hard, on and off the ice, even being named fittest female athlete of my team in my last season.

Then, in 2012, it all grinded to a sudden stop. Upon graduation, I immediately started a corporate job, cozied up into a sedentary lifestyle and kept eating the same amount of food (and throwing back the same amount of beer) as when I was training 15+ hours a week. Yes, I still went to the gym and tried my best… but body parts got softer and muscles ‘mysteriously’ shrank.  2 chin ups seemed unreasonable instead the usual 6 I could crank out after a night at the local watering hole. For the record, I can now do ZERO chin ups.

In 2016, everything started to snowball – and I literally do feel like a big white snow ball right now –when I began my MBA studies, while still working full time. Healthy eating was put on the backburner – actually, KD and sausages were put on the back burner – and my graduate pursuits took up most of my time instead of exercising. 15 doughy pounds later, I feel like pooooop (can I say like shit here? I will. I feel like shit).

I talked about it with my former teammates, my boyfriend (ex-varsity basketball) and other friends who started to slack on their fitness regimen. They all confirmed it – the struggle is – in varying degrees – real for them too. Of course, I think they all look ah-mah-zing – but they totally got where I was coming from. I’m sure a lot of former athletes/fitness enthusiasts of all walks of life do.

So, this blog is for you fellow flabletes.  Here, I intend to share my stories, listen to yours, get insight from experts, rant about the joys/perils of meal prepping and exercise. Hopefully, it will also keep me accountable for my exercise regimen, in this, my last semester of my graduate degree. And hey – worst case, I can tell you about the French Fries I like.

Disclaimer: I know an extra 15 lbs doesn’t sound like a lot for some, but I was never petite, and whatever I have going on now doesn’t feel healthy to me. If I keep gaining at this rate, things will get bad. This self-deprecating blog is meant to be humorous/albeit motivating(?), so take it with a grain of salt. I’m not here to insult anyone or make them feel bad. If you can enjoy a laugh (sometimes at my expense), then Cheers to that!

Tell me about your journey! I’d love to hear about your backgrounds, insights, struggles and triumphs. Leave a comment below or send me a message through the contact page. I will be adding a page dedicated to your stories soon 😊

3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Nicholas Goyens says:

    The struggle is definitely real. After my last season at Concordia I gained 20 pounds in 3 months; it’s hard to shape our eating habits to a new, sedentary lifestyle. I’m also working/doing my masters full time/trying to be fit/trying to have a social life/be sane, so this resonated with me immensely. Good luck with your final semester!


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